Bind off the central sts? HELP!

hello all… :smiley:
i am working on a sweater :wink: . the pattern said bind off the 23 center sts for neck… :thinking: how?
i tought that we can only bind off on the beginning of every row…

Thnaks in advance for the help :wink:

nope you can do it…when you get to the stitches that need to be bound off, just do it like you would if they were at the beginning of the row. ignore the stitches that are already on your right needle. knit two stitches and then slip that first one over. just do it, it will make sense when you do! :wink:

It’s not that you can only bind off at the beginning of a row. It’s that you CAN’T bind off at the end of the row because there’s no place for the yarn to go.

When you bind off in the middle as Brendajos described, you’re yarn will be used on the other stitches.

:smiley: thanks a lot for the explanation…
i will go back to my :XX:
i am thinking of posting the photo when it finished. :heart:

Please do post a picture!!