Bind-off question

I finished my first mitt and bound off with just the regular knit method, and I was disappointed to find that the top of the mitt doesn’t stretch at all. :pout: Is there a different way to bind-off that will make it stretch more? Or should I have bound off in pattern (2x2 rib)? I’m tempted to try and rip the bind-off out and do it over. I made the mitts a bit longer so that I could fold the top over, and now I can’t do that so I’m not at all happy with these stupid things!

Definitely bind off in pattern, 2x2 rib in this case. You can also use a one or two size larger needle in your right hand to do the bind off. And alternatively, try this bind off which is very stretchy.

Ribbing is stretchier so you should BO in rib. Binding off is really just workng another row, so it should be done the same as the rest of it; the only difference is you lift the st over the other instead of leaving thme on the needle.