Bind-off question

BO middle 19 sts at neck after joining new yarn. BO 12 sts at neck edge and don’t know what to do with the last st that is next to original 19 BO sts. Both sides are worked separately. Unable to get to other side with this last stitch sitting there. Don’t know how to bind it off.

When you bind off the initial stitches, you end up with two separate halves, each worked with it’s own strand.

When you bind off at the neck edge, you only bind off when you’re starting the row at the neck edge.

So on one side of the neck you’ll only bind off with the right side facing you, and on the other side of the neck you’ll bind off with the wrong side facing you.

You can’t bind off at the end of a row because you end up with that one stitch you’re holding on your needle.

Am I being clear enough?

Yes, thank you. I finally figured this out and your explanation has reinforced it for me. Thank you so much!