Bind off question

what do you do when you get to the end? Do you slip the end through the last loop and pull it tight? Will that make it look uneven?

Yep, you cut the yarn, put it through the last loop and pull. You’ll then weave in the leftover yarn… or sometimes I make a knot and cut it near the knot.

It’s good to have a crochet hook handy (the same size approximately that you’ve been knitting with) and I use that to pull the yarn through and close that last loop. I guess you could do it with the knitting needle too but a crochet hook is handy. Don’t pull too tight or there will be an “indent” like thingy there, go easy, then put the yarn on a yarn needle and gently pull it into the inside and weave it in. Got it?

You can use a yarn needle or a crochet hook to weave the ends. But I think a needle is much quicker. Just leave the ends a little longer though.