Bind off question

I am still working on my glampyre knits easy v-neck raglan. The body is worked in size 9 dpns with ribbing along the bottom done with size 7 dpns. When I bound off, I briefly considered that I should switch back to the size 9s but was afraid it would flare, so I stuck with the 7s. But the bind off is not as loose and stretchy as I would like.

I plan to do it over, but am wondering: would the size 9s make the bottom flare? Should I try size 8s? Or should I try a different bind-off (like maybe EZ’s sewn bind-off?)

I often do a bind off with a needle size 1-2 larger and I’ve never had problems with flaring. Especially if it’s ribbing, the ribs will still pull in as usual but the bottom edge will be much stretchier than if you’d stuck with your working needle size.

Agreed. Even if you do the ribbing with the smaller needles, use larger ones for the BO.


Thanks, y’all! :muah: