Bind off loosely?

Hi everyone I sure could use some help and wisdom:) I am wondering if you have any tips or tricks for a VERY loose bind off. Mine tend to be average (not too tight, but not stretchy either) but I need an extremely loose one. Any thoughts?

oh just wanted to post what the pattern says about it…

Make your bind-off stitches ridiculously loose; two or three times as long as normal,

If I want to bid off loosely I knit my stitch, then tug the yarn to make a bigger loop. I knit the next stitch the same, then pass the other stitch over giving another tug to loosen it. As I bind off, I keep tugging the yarn to make big loops.

That’s my tip!

what are you making that wants that big ol’ bind off? that’s how i do it too though. stick the needle in to the stitch and before you wrap the yarn, pull the two needles away from each other. makes a nice big loop.

Bind off using a larger needle. :slight_smile:

Thanks all of you for your feedback I really do appreciat it… I am making one of those magic scarves… I thought it would be a nice and easy little project for when I am in the car (passenger lol) it’s so easy but I just wasnt sure how to get the bind off loose enough. You all really helped… thanks again :smiley: