Bind off hat without pointy top

I have such trouble when finishing the crowns of hats.
I am making a rolled brim baby hat in the round. Started with 60 stitches. After knitting 32 rows, should I begin the decrease with k4, k2tog, knit a row, k3, k2tog, knit a row, etc?
I have looked at various patterns, several say to start the decreases at knit 10, k2tog and go from there. I did that with the first hat and it turned out looking like a witches hat, lol. Fine for Halloween if the hat wasn’t brown with a wide pink stripe.
With baby hats or smaller hats is there a rule of thumb for what amount to start decreasing?
Also, when I get to the end of the crown, is there a trick to not causing the remaining stitches to pucker when I weave the end through? I have tried to finish the hat loosely and that didn’t smooth the top down.

I don’t know if there is a rule of thumb, but yes start with decreases closer. Are you using a pattern? Here’s a baby hat that uses 60 for the preemie hat so I know the decrease should work as you’ve said.

You can also leave out the plain row in between to make a flatter crown, but it often looks better at least at the beginning to do it with a plain row.

Thank you! I will try the decreases from the pattern. Appreciate the help.