Bind off has unraveled - how to fix it

Hello there,
I’m a newbie knitting a pullover. The left front bind off has somehow unraveled while I was working on the right front. Can anyone explain how do I go about fixing this?


That shouldn’t happen if when you come to the last loop on the needle that you cut your yarn and pull the tail through the loop and snug it up.

But if it has come undone, I would just take the whole bind off row out and put the stitches back on the needle and bind them off again.

Do as Merigold said BUT if you originally cut the tail too short re-working the BO row won’t solve the problem. You may need to join a new piece of yarn to do the BO row so you have enough yarn for a tail to weave.

Thank you for your suggestions. I guess I did cut the tail too short. :slight_smile:

I always leave 8-10" for weaving (so I have plenty to work with on my tap ndl). Once woven, and I’m comfortable that the tail is secure and won’t come undone, then I trim off any excess. Better to have too much than too little.

I leave about 2-3" if I’m not going to use the tail for the seam; That’s usually enough to secure it.

now that I M a ‘better’ knitter, I only leave 3-4"
but when I started, I always left a full 9" and made a point of changing direction in my weave in twice