Bind off four stitches, knit across

[color=indigo]If I have twelve stitches on my needle and the instructions tell me to bind off four, how many stitches will be on the left hand needle to knit across? Eight?[/color]

If you bind off 4, you’ll have 1 on the right needle and 7 left on the other.

Good topic, if anyone else answers…do you transfer that one stitch over to the left needle and knit it? When I was working on a Gelato felted bag, this procedure happened and although I figured it out (only because I didn’t move that one stitch over) that my count was off, the pattern didn’t tell me what to do with it, so when I was off, I went back and did it over and moved it and my count was fine (this was done to make straps). So, I’d be interested in any other input on this topic.

The one stitch that is on the right needle has already been knitted though, so you don’t move it to the left and then knit it again.

I agree–that one stitch is included in the total stitches, since it’s already been knit.

[color=indigo]Thanks for the answers! [/color]