Bind off each edge?

Hi everyone, I am a novice knitter and I am working on a beginner sweater. I am knitting the back panel, near the end (top of the panel) and the pattern tells me to bind off 5 sts each edge, for three rows, knitting the stitches in between. Now, i can figure out the right side bind off but my little pea brain can’t figure out the left bind off to keep the yarn near the middle stitches to keep knitting :thinking: I’d appreciate any assistance!

Thanks in advance
Lisa F

Always bind off at the beginning of the row, or as you can see, your yarn ends up in the wrong place. So bind off the first 5, and finish the row. Then, at the beginning of the next row, bind of the next 5 and work to the end. Do these two rows three times and you’ll be through this part of the directions as far as I can tell.

I am so grateful to have discovered this website and I appreciate the help!
Your instruction(s) cleared this up for me!