Bind off 4 stitches one time

Hi All

Making my first sweater. For the armhole shaping, the pattern reads: “bind of 4 stitches one time. At the beginning of the next 2 rows, bind off 3 stiches one time.”

How do you bind of multiple stitches at once? Just knit 4 together? Or Purl 3 stitches together?

No. You’ll be doing an actual bind off. If it wanted you to knit 4 stitches together it would say k4tog. Knitting 4 stitches together will give you a very tight grouping of stitches being pulled together. It will be tight, it will be squeezed, and it will not give you the look you want. Binding off stitches you do one at a time and will give you a line of stitches taht will be bound off over longer distance, so no bunching.

The way you do it is to knit the first stitch, then knit the second stitch, then pass the first knit stitch on the right needle over the second stitch and then off the needle. That is one bind off. Then you knit one more stitch and pass the first stitch on the needle over the stitch you just knit. That would be the second bind off stitch. You do that until you’ve pulled 4 stitches off the needle.

Hi trvvn5!
Thanks for the information. Just realised that I have worked the back of the sweater incorrectly! Well considering all the work put in thus far, going to have to redo it a bit!
After this mishap, definetly won’t read the pattern any other way next time around! Thanks again, Cady