Bind 3


I am attempting to knit an interlaced cusion cover and am having problems with one of the rows that asks me to Bind 3- I keep losing stitches and I cannot work it out.
The pattern is 81 stitches wide
1st Row: (p2, k3) twice, p3, k3, p4, k3, p3, (k3, p2) twice.
2nd Row: (k2, p3) twice, k3, p3, k4, p3, k3, (p3, k2) twice.

Then, and this is the row that I’m having problems with:
3rd Row: p2, k3, p2, ybk, Bind 3, p3, ybk, Bind 3, p4, ybk, Bind 3, p3, ybk, Bind 3, p2, k3, p2.
The Bind 3 is described as "Slip next st, k1, yfwd, k1 and then psso the k1, yfwd, k1.
I end up with only 41 stitches to knit! What am I doing wrong - or is it the pattern?

Bind 3 issue

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You shouldn’t lose any stitches across the pattern. The yarn back is moving the yarn to the back between the needles but the yfwd in the Bind 3 directions is a yarn over. If you slip one, k1, yarn over, k1, pass slipped stitch over the entire (k1, yarn over, k1) you should end with the same number of sts.

It’s maybe the front, blue cushion shown here:


Thank you for replying so quickly- your suggestion is what I thought I was doing but I will try again. And yes that is the pattern I am using! Isn’t the internet amazing!


Very good looking cover.
The Bind 3 should take 3sts and should leave you with 3 sts. It’s the most likely place to lose stitches. Maybe try some markers on either side of the Bind 3 to make sure the stitch count stays the same.


All sorted- thank you!


I have just joined to find out how to do this as I have spent days trying to work it out lol. Driving me mad, I too keep loosing a stitch, the last K1 isn’t there. I will try again and I’m doing the same pattern except I’m making them all into a blanket. Four of each so far. This one trying my skills lol. Yes this internet thing is amazing thank you.


Hi I have just tried again and nor working. If you look at pattern stitches there is only 3 knit the pattern is a king you to slip 1 knit 2 and then knit another at the end that’s 4. Am I is sing something ? It’s driving mad lol


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Is this where the problem is?
"Slip next st, k1, yfwd, k1 and then psso the (k1, yfwd, k1)"
Remember that in order to do the yfwd, you bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right hand needle to the back. It won’t use a stitch. So you only need to use 3sts, the slip stitch, a k1 before the yfwd and a k1 after the yfwd.
The slip stitch gets passed over so that decreases the count by one and the yfwd gives you an increase of one stitch.


I am trying to knit this same cushion cover. I have done the other three extremely successfully and I’m struggling big time with this particular pattern. The only way I can get row 3 to work, which is the row that has the bind 3 instructions, is NOT to knit one at the end of the bind 3 instructions. the instructions are to slip one knit one then put the yarn forward followed by a knit one. that will make a stitch then you pass the slip stitch over 3 stitches, which is bind 3, but then it says yarn forward knit one. This makes another stitch which is not needed. (I think …).
Also when you knit 1 after binding 3 you are no longer lining up with the purl stitches to maintain the continuation of the pattern. If you don’t knit one after binding 3 then the instructions to pearl 3 following the bind 3, pearl four after the bind 3, pearl three after the bind 3, and then purl two absolutely fit the pattern.
Am I right here?

I decided to knit this row as I’ve indicated above and the pattern worked out fine until I got to row 7 and on row 7 I could not get it right …

I’ve undone what I did and I’m starting again, I have just finished row 3 which is the row with the bind three in it, doing it as I’ve indicated above. as I stated this ends up with the right number of stitches and all the knit and purl stitches are in the right place. I’m going to carry on and see if I can work out where I went wrong on row 7. You might have guessed but I am not a really experienced knitter :joy:.
Any comments welcome


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The instructions for the Bind 3 use 3 sts and leave you with 3 sts. The yarn over increases one and the psso decreases one s

Maybe the last part of the instructions for the Bind 3 are causing the confusion? All they are doing is telling you which 3 sts (or loops on the needle) to pass the slipped stitch over, i.e. the k1, the yo and the k1. Don’t add any extra yarn overs or knit stitches here.


hi and thanks. I’m afraid I’ve had to undo my 8 rows because I had dropped a stitch and could not work out where it was and how to pick it back up again. When I get to the row in question I will have a jolly good look at it again. In my head the instructions are for 4 stitches not 3. But I will check it when I get to it next time. In my understanding because it says yarn forward twice that’s like making two stitches when in fact you’ve only slipped one :grin:


No, don’t yo twice. Read the Bind 3 instruction as:
“Slip next st, k1, yfwd, k1 and then psso the previous 3 loops on the needle.”

The 3 sts to begin the Bind 3 are the one that will be slipped and the 2 knit ones. When you finish the Bind 3 you have a knit one, a yo and a knit one.


Hi and thanks to everyone. I remain convinced that the instructions on my pattern are wrong. Because, after I have done the bind 3, which is slip one, knit one then put the wool forward and k the next one (3 stitches, making 1 to makeup for the slipped one) the next stitch I should do is a pearl. But my instructions say to put the wool forward again and knit one that makes an extra stitch and it is putting a knit stitch where a purl stitch should be. I’ve now successfully got as far as row 26 in the pattern and with a lot of concentration I seem to be getting there.
But I’m convinced my instructions are wrong. :roll_eyes: