Big trouble! help!

I was working on a beanie for my grandfather and are still finishing up fixing dropped stiches and that sort of stuff. Then I noticed that MY BEANIE WAS TWISTED!!! Anyone know how to fix this otherwise I will start it over,though i really don’t want too.

( in the middle was a big twisted spot! Not cool!)

you knit that in the round? did you maybe twist your stitches before joining them? That is a common mistake. Then you knit a band that is twisted one full twist around.

If that is the fact: sorry, if you went more than one round around after your cast on (I bet you did before you noticed): you have to rip out. Sorry.

Unfortunately if you’ve twisted the cast on you have to restart. :frowning:

shoot! rggg… I was hoping to avoid that.:gah: oh well. Thank you anyway!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: