Big needle patterns

Hello fellow knitters!
I wonder if anyone could suggest some patterns, or a site, where I can find sweater/cardigan patterns that use a minimum of a 8mm needle? 9 & 10mm would be even better. I am limited to what I am able to do, because of Degenerative Disc Disease in my neck I have found that if I want to continue to knit/crochet I have to use super bulky weight yarn (or 2 yarns together) and large needles. This has cut down on the amount of items I am able to do - and I have done enough blankets, throws and scarves. There must be something out there to wear that uses the larger yarns & needles? I have 2 books, called “Learn to do Big Needle Knitting” (American School of Needlework) but there are only 2 sweaters and I can only do so much with those.
I have some beautiful yarns that I am so wanting to use…:knitting:

Join and you can search the pattern database, by needle size, gauge, yarn weight and any other parameter you can thing of.

Thank you - I actually subscribed to ravelry last night when I signed up here! I will go see what I can find over there. :doh:

If you go to and do a Search for “Speed Stix” that brings up about 20 patterns for size 50 needles (US size). These needles are about the same thickness as a broomstick and HUGE!!!

There’s also a booklet called “Quick Knits with Speed Stix” (by Lion Brand). There are some patterns here for sweaters, afghans and rugs with the huge needles.

HTH, knitcindy

I subscribe to Lion Brand and have checked their site - the speed sticks are a bit large - I would like to make clothing that I can actually wear, sweaters & jackets and such. I have found about 3 patterns that actually look decent, so I am always on the look out for more. I seem to do well with 8mm and 9mm needles.:x:

Instead of lookingat speed stix patterns, check out the bulky yarns - WE Thick and Quick and Homespun and there’s a couple others. Lion shows patterns using those yarns which will be done on 8 and 9 mm needles, you don’t have to use the same yarn, another bulky will work fine.

So that’s a US 11-13 for those of us here. :wink: I’m metric challenged and have to look them up. :lol:

For those size needles you’d probably be using bulky or super bulky yarns. Here’s a few I know use that weight yarn and usually large needles. There are dozens more.

Shalom Cardigan- at the right under her profile you can download it. It says smaller needles, but I know some have used the bigger ones.

I’m back!!!

I found some more patterns after I dug through my booklet collection. Here are 3 that I found:

#1 - The Big Book of Quick Knit Sweaters (from Leisure Arts) This has sweaters and vests with about 9-10 using the size needles you need. This isn’t really a book - it’s a booklet.

#2 - Knitted Sweaters for Her (from Better Homes and Gardens) This has just 1 sweater (the one on the cover) using large needles.

#3 - The Learn to Knit a Sweater Book (from Lion Brand/ American School of Needlework) This is both a learn-to-knit booklet AND a how to make a sweater booklet. All but 1 of these use bigger needles.

I forgot I had these. Now I’m gonna “have to” find something to get started on myself!!!

HTH, knitcindy

Also Twinkles Big City Knits is all bulky patterns. I got it from the library.

I was going to say everything everyone else already has:) .