Big loop on my last stitch

Why does my final stitch on a row of knitting have such a huge loop? My knitted stitches are niether too tight nor too loose, but that last stitch has a huge loop??? :thinking: Any suggestions???

Everyone’s last stitch is a bit loose because it’s only connected to the other stitch on one side. Just pull that one really tight on the next row and let it sort of wrap around the needle. Another option is to slip the first stitch in each row for a nicer edge.

That’s my frustration! If I slip that stitch then the next one just gets bigger!

“Just pull that one really tight on the next row and let it sort of wrap around the needle.”

The loop that is really big is the knitted stitch below and can’t be controlled by the working yarn. that is the only way I can describe it as I don’t have all the lingo down yet! :??

In time, hopefully, that will even itself out. If you’re using large needles, it compounds the problem. If you’re seaming, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re making a scarf, by best advice is to slip that first stich as if to purl and knit the last stitch of each row.

It is possible to make an accidental yo on the first stitch, which presents itself as a unmoveable loop, but you’ll find you’re increasing your stitches when you do that, too.

:thinking: I’ll just keep on keeping (or knitting ) on! Thanks for the help!!!

I’m trying the ‘slip the first stitch’ thing on stockinette knit on straight needles. When looking at the knitting from the right side, the left edge is a bit messy, but the right edge is neat and tidy and appears like I’m actually good at knitting without getting the large loop at the end.

So I’m wondering, if I am knitting a right side row and slip the first stitch off as if to knit and knit all remaining stitches, when I turn, should I slip as to knit or as to purl and purl the remaining stitches? The item will be seamed, but I’d still like to have a tidier left edge as it seems the untidiness of it essentially makes me lose columns.

Hope that makes sense!


You can slip the stitch any way you like it to look. It won’t make any difference except for the appearance.