Big Hello!

Hi everybody!

I have been “lurking” on the board for a while now, and I love the sense of community and the sharing that goes on here. Since I have decided to “come out” and start posting, people have been so very friendly and supportive that I wanted to say thanks!

I am starting a new website,, and right now I am just getting people’s email addresses for my mailing list, and taking submissions for a survey I have out there. It is 8 questions long, and mostly it is to get to know all of you better and what it is that you would really need and want from my website. I want to make sure it is catered to you, and it gives you a chance to shape it.

The BEST part, besides helping a sister knitter get started of course, is that you will be entered in the drawing for the TOO CUTE Country Trunk needles (see the pic in my signature!). They were just featured in Vogue Knitting, and, can I say, I am in love.

Anyway, hi and thanks. For helping me out, but also just for the group here.

I have your site bookmarked .

THANKS :smiley: