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Hi all,

Does anyone know of a site that would show all of the patterns in the book and its yarn requirements? Something like how Interweave Knits does so that you would know what yarn to buy for which project. I think I came across one sometime back but now can’t find it at all! I would love to order this book and maybe choose a project from it before hand to knit.

Thanks! :muah:


I’ve not seen a site that shows everything. Sorry.

The authors are Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer of

Perhaps they blog, or perhaps you could contact them?

Me neither, Lisa…sorry! I went to Borders to check out the book. I love books, but let’s face it, they can be expensive. I wanted to check out what kind of patterns they had in it before I bought it.

Anyway, if you do a google search, you may be able to find blogs with knitters’ finished objects on them from this book, if that helps. It doesn’t give you the yarn requirements/types of yarn, but at least you can see the finished items to see if the book contains things you’d like to knit. Good luck!

There’s a big girl yahoo group; they might be helpful.

THIS PAGE at Knitpicks shows the book and has a link so you can look at the inside pages. THEN if you find something you want to knit you can ask someone on the forum who has the book (KellyK and I both have it, and I know several others do too) what the yarn requirements are/sizing/etc. The knitpiks page doens’t show all of the prohects though, it doesn’t touch any of the accessories, wraps, or bottoms, but it shows almost all of the tops and coats.

I highly recommend this book. If not just for the knitting patterns, for the advice on how to dress so you LOOK GOOD no matter what your size. Honestly, just break down and buy it. You won’t regret it.

I echo everything hilde said…it’s a great book! I’m a member of the yahoo group, it’s a great group, but it doesn’t have everything that you are looking for, either. There’s also a Big Girl Knits blog, but, I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t have everything, either.
What, exactly, are you looking for? Like Hilde said, a bunch of us have the book and I bet we can help!

AUGHHH!!! Lost my post… :crying:

Thanks for the advice and suggestion girls!

I’m interested in this white one at the bottom and this one. Also the short sleeved green top and the red armhole on on the last page of the knitpicks look inside section. What I am really after is pics of the patterns (if that’s allowed) and the yarn and needle requirements, not the patterns as I am going to buy the book. The trouble is that its more financially feasible for me to find out what yarns etc I need before I order the book so that I can order everything at once. Here we get taxed on most everything we bring in, so it would be easier all around for me to do that instead of ordering the book then have to place another overseas order.

PS - I joined the yahoo BGK group! I only saw one pic so far… I could be looking at the wrong album tho :??

Thanks again for any help you can lend!


I don’t think the white one on the bottom is a sweater- the pattern is for the pants. :wink:

Ah! Thanks Renoah!

:doh: OH!!! The fact that you’re in barbados totally slipped me. You’re right, it would be easier to order everything at once.

If you PM me what your sizes are, I’ll look up yarn requirements in the book for you…You want the blue knitted skirt, the short sleeved green square necked one, and was the other one the red tank top???

I don’t think you’re going to be able to see anoy other pictures besides the knitpicks ones… those are all the same ones as in the book.

Hey ladies… I’m at work and was wondering if someone can tell me what yarn is used for Boobalicious?

Also, is it appropriate for a first sweater (even though it’s a tank)?

I have the book, but it’s at home. I would like to shop for yarn at lunch today but I have no inkling what yarn that pattern calls for!!

If anyone has time to post the info that would be great.

And I agree with the others - this book is totally worth it. I even told my mom (a non-knitter) she should read the first part of it.


Boobalicious yarn requirements:
Dale of Norway Svale (50%cotton, 40% viscose, 10% silk) in Indigo 5582.
Sizes are chest 43[46,49,52]
hips 51[54,57,60]
#balls needed: 10[11,12,13]

And, YES you can do this pattern! Very appropriate first garment… with minimal seaming because it has no sleeves! :woot:

Several of the girls at the yahoo group have used knitpicks shine sport for boobalicious, too.
Hilde, did you get all of the size and yarn requirements take care of?

uhmmm… :oops: Not yet. I will though; as soon as I have the energy to get out of bed and look for the book.

Unless you have yours handy :wink:

Are you sick, Hilde?! I sure hope not, and if you are, I certainly hope you are better soon!

I’m supposed to be on bedrest myself, but am feeling better and am up and about a bit, thank God :cheering: :cheering: