Beware the Bounce Dryer Bar

I just got this nifty new laundry gadget this morning and was so excited to try it. It is fabric softener in the form of a solid bar, which slides into a holder that you stick to the inside of your dryer. There is a money back guarantee if not satisfied, which I am going to take advantage of. During the cycle, the bar fell out of the holder, and banged around inside the dryer, causing a bunch of little dents!! And pieces of the bar broke off, making a mess. Has anyone else tried the Dryer Bar, and have a problem? I’m pretty bummed, this seemed so promising. :pout:

I didn’t have any problem with mine in the dryer, in fact I could hardly get it off … I forgot that I only buy fragrance free laundry products and this has the original bounce scent, I could hardly wait for it to be used up.

If it caused damage to your dryer, you need to let the manufacturer know. I seriously doubt they will fix your dryer but they probably should!

I bought it and stuck in there and no problems as of it, and that was over a month ago at least. I would contact them and let them know at least…

I thought about buying one as I use the Bounce sheets but I didn’t like the idea of something sticking to the inside of the dryer. If I took it out would it leave sticky on the dryer? Anyway I am happy with my sheets.

Thanks, I thought this looked neat, but if something will mess our dryer up I’m not getting it :lol: