Best Yarn To Felt With!

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In your humble opinion, would you tell me what names of yarns, that are available at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joann’s are great for felting?

I am almost finished with my first project…a very large booga bag…and I used yarn from Crystal Palace, from my LYS!

I know that some yarns don’t felt well…I love what I’m working with right now, but would like to be able to get some good buys on yarns locally. I get those 40% off coupons weekly.

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Things I can find locally would be the Paton’s Classic Merino at Jo-Ann’s and I’ve seen Caron’s Felt-It and LionBrand Lion Wool, Bernat Lana at Hobby Lobby

Paton’s Classic Merino I think it’s even on sale at Jo-Ann this week, not sure about that though.

Lion Wool


Bernat used to have one called “Lana” but I think it is discontinued, so maybe you could find it in the clearance bin.


[size=6]Thanks Kristen…I am having so much fun knitting!
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I call anything I can get at a nationwide chain like JoAnn’s or Michaels or Hobby Lobby “over-the-counter” yarn. Stuff from a REAL LYS is “prescription” yarn. :wink:

I wonder what I should call the yarn that would come from a dark alley. :thinking: :wink:

What about the yarn you order from the Internet? That’s really hardcore. :slight_smile:

Two notes: Hobby Lobby has a yarn called Caron Felt-It. It’s a non-plied wool yarn in variegated colors (I don’t think I saw any solids, but I’m not sure about that). You don’t get as much yardage as Classic Merino or Lion Wool, though it may be better for felting. (I have a front-load washer and haven’t felted anything, so don’t quote me on that.)

Also, the Michaels near my home has Classic Merino for $4.99 regularly. I’ve found that among Hobby Lobby, Joanns, Michaels, and Hancock Fabrics, Michaels has the best selection of non-novelty yarn. (Although I am going back to Hancocks, probably tomorrow, and raiding their clearance yarn!)

I couldn’t agree more. With my LYS being quite a distance, I rely heavily on the retail chain stores for yarn, and Michael’s usually has what I want, and I think their prices are consistently the best (unless Hobby Lobby or Joann’s has a sale…I didn’t know Hancock sold yarn! My Hancock’s is quite a distance so I never go…I’ll have to check it out). I use Patons Classic Merino for a lot of things, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. It’s always been so soft, and for the yardage you get (I think it’s 223 yards per skein), it’s quite a value, and it does felt very nicely. It’s usually on sale somewhere or you can use the coupons on at least one skein. I’m glad that the chain retailers are starting to carry more and more natural fibers. :cheering:

Here’s a pdf that I found about felting yarns.


I have heard that the Patons SWS (at Michaels) felts easily. It is 70% wool 30% soy and comes in pretty self-striping colors.


[size=6]Thanks so much everyone…love that link 1to1! I love the yarn at my LYS, but it can get kinda pricey, if you know what I mean…glad to know that I can buy some “Over The Counter” yarn…LOL! You all are the best to answer questions…I JUST LOVE THIS SITE!

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I buy from this place A LOT!!! Right now they have wool yarns on sale for $1.99 I have not tried them for felting but from what i understand any 100% animal hair/fur based yarns do very well.

I’m not associated with them, only a happy customer of buying my yarns anywhere from 30-90% off.