Best Yarn Storage?

Does anyone know of the best way to store yarn. Right now I have a few of those plastic drawers you can pick up at Walmart…but DF is eventually building me a “sewing” room…and I was wondering what ppl have for storage.

I think preferably, I would like a shelving unit with see through doors (keep everything as dust free as possible…)

But I am not sure…

What do you all think?

That sounds like a great idea! I would keep wool in something airtight though so it’s moth free.

Right now I just have the rolling drawers as well but the one I have is getting full. It works for me to roll it into the closet when I am not knitting and then pull it out when I am. The needles and patterns are in the top drawer and the yarn in the bottom two.
If I had the room and money I would love shelves with doors so that you can show case the yarn, always find what you need and keep it clean and tidy.

I have the PERFECT yarn storage system!!! Why don’t you send me your stash, and I’ll see if it fits… :shifty:

I use the plastic rolly cart thingies as well as lastic storage totes. I also put yarn in flower vases and bowls in my living room; functional decorating! If I ever have money and a place to put it, I want to have an entire wall of cubes/shelves for yarn, in a LYS-esque way.

My mom suggested that I should get an over-the-door-shoe-holder-thingie for my millions of shoes… one of those might be good for yarn, too.

I prefer to keep it out of plastic storage, so I buy those canvas bins at Walmart and put them on any shelf (in craft room, closet, etc.)

I have the PERFECT yarn storage system!!! Why don’t you send me your stash, and I’ll see if it fits…

Me too! Me too! If she doesn’t have enough space in her storage containers, I’ll go buy some and see if they will work for you. :wink: :rolfhard:

Is there a “yarn care” related reason for no plastic, or just personal preference?

:roflhard: You are VERY funny!

I keep mine in gallon size ziplock bag and then some are in this bag thing I have, I got it for Christmas, but I’ve never seen it anywhere else. I keep some in the drawers like you were talking about and I have plastic tub, that have lids.

We are moving soon and I don’t know what I’m going to do then. I’ll have a lot more room then. I’d like to be able to see then, but I don’t want them out exposed to dust either… sorry I don’t think that was much help huh?

You want your fiber to “breath” and plastic storage containers don’t really allow that to happen.

I too have one of those carts for storing my yarn. I’m looking to get one of those sweater storage thing that hangs off the closet rod. I’ve found one at Wal-Mart for $12 and one at Bed Bath & Beyond for $15. Both are canvas and have mesh pouches on the sides to hold stuff. I also spin so those mesh pouches rea great for storing spindles & bobbins.

Hmm, why not just knit a big yarn bag?? :teehee:

Yeah…well…my couch is also a storage area right now too…

I like the LYS shelves…in fact…I might want to go that route! I just hate the idea that the longer something sits, the dustier it can get…

Does fibre really need that much breathing room?

I used to have plastic drawers on wheels but I am switching out for wood. A.C.Moores has cubes with various styles. They stack on top of each other. You can get one with three drawers, two doors( with shelf), one glass door (with shelf option), basket cube, and there are a couple more. I opted for drawers, glass doors and one basket all in a cherry finish. Having fun putting together and filling. Michaels has something similar in white only but there are more style choices. I hate white and prefer cherry. Ikea is around here but I didn’t check them out.:cheering:

Just thought of something…do those castor drawers stack?

I’m using wooden kitchen cabinets in my barn office to hold my yarn. It keeps it clean and when I open the doors I can see my inventory without having to move anything.

Do they have these online?