Best Yarn for this sweater pattern

So I’m making a sweater for my boyfriend for christmas and I was wondering what a good yarn would be to use.

I want a yarn that feels nice, but also cost friendly. As well as a yarn type thats not too hard to clean/keep up, and wont stretch out bad. Also I’m looking for a yarn I could pick up at a Joanns or Michaels so I don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail and I could get started soon.

a link to my pattern is here:

most of the yarn alternatives the pattern lists ( are fine weight. they’re also in a variety of fibers, from cotton to merino to alpaca.

at joann’s you could try:

Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn (merino/bamboo/nylon)
Deborah Norville Serenity Garden Yarn (dralon microfiber, but only self striping/ombres)
Purl Essence Pastel Party Yarn (antipill acrylic, and comes in white, grey, light neutrals, brown, not just girly pastels)
Premier Wool Free Sock Yarn (acrylic with PBT polyester, but only self-striping/ombres)
Patons Grace Yarn (mercerized cotton)

at michaels:
Loops & Threads® Woolike™ Yarn (superfine, acrylic/nylon, anti-pill)
also Patons Grace Yarn (mercerized cotton)
Loops & Threads® Snuggly Wuggly™ (acrylic, antipill, also comes in BIG! skeins)

and with that yarn weight, if you can find a sock yarn you like on sale, that’d work fine, you’d just need a lot of it.

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That’s a beautiful pattern and a real investment in time and effort. Wool ok or do you want acrylic? A superwash wool would be easy to wash in a machine but it would be a bit more expensive. Acrylic is cheaper and machine washable and dryable but I’m not sure how well it’ll hold up over time.
Cascade 220 is a wonderful wool that resists pilling and Pacific is a lovely soft superwash-acrylic blend that’s close to your gauge.

You’d have to order either online but it may be worth the extra time when you consider how big this project is.

good call on the 220, since it comes in fingering #1 and sport #3… and some great colors. he’ll just have to remember it’s a handwash and flat dry gift :slight_smile:

Since that pattern calls for 21sts/4 inches in stockinette, the worsted weight will work. Both the suggested yarns, Karisma and the Merino Extra Fine and alternatives are worsted weight.