Best yarn for scarf

So, I was wondering which kind of yarn to get for a scarf. I’m quite new to knitting and my needles are 4mm i think. I kinda need it to be cheap and I don’t like acrylic as it isn’t that sost and easy to use ( I got a load of balls of them for 69p each and they were really bad). Please help as I’m new here.:knitting: :woot:

Hi, welcome to KH. Choosing the best scarf yarn is very subjective. What would be best to one person would not be best to another.

There are some very soft acrylics. Caron’s Simply Soft is one a lot of people like but there are others, and the price is not high.

There are some acrylic/wool blends that are quite soft and have a little more feel of wool, Wool-Ease is one I can’t think of anymore names right now.

There are on-line sources of cheaper wools like KnitPicks and Webs. I actually think that to be sure it is soft around the neck, a soft acrylic or a blend would be a good place to start. The really soft wools can be more expensive.

For your needles you would want a worsted weight (#4 if you find the numbering system used) and if you are a new knitter I suggest something smooth (not hairy or weird in any way :slight_smile: )yarn in a medium to light color. Black and very dark yarns are harder to work on.

Myself, I usually prefer to knit with only natural fibers. However, that can be on the expensive side. I also think Caron Simply Soft is a very nice, soft acrylic yarn, and would make a nice beginner scarf. Look around on a few online yarn shops, such as WEBS or Jimmy Beans Wool, because they have closeout and sale yarns and you can get some nicer yarns at a lower cost.

If you have 4mm needles, you need a thinner yarn, dk or 4 ply/fingering or a weight in between. Acrylic washes easier, but if it’s for yourself and you don’t mind handwashing, then look for wool. I think you’re from the UK, most of the people here are from the US and Canada so a lot of our yarn suggestions won’t be available to you unless you mail order oversease. Patons and Sirdar yarns are usually stocked in the UK but you’ll have to see what your local wool shop carries or department or craft stores. Sometimes you can get nice yarn at thrift stores.

Sue is right, and I was wrong. I looked in a book to see what 4mm was in American needles and my chart had US sizes on one side and UK on the other. I was looking at the wrong side. I thought it was a US 8, but it is more like our 5, actually between our 5 and 6.

Thanks. I’m using a blend that’s dk and very soft. Yes, my yarn says I have size 6 needles US and 8 UK. It’s Sirdar snuggly dk and is a blend of 55% nylon and 45% acrylic. It is a little hairy but it knits very well and was quite cheap. Probably around $1.30 or something. Also, it doesn’t unravel alot, unlike my cheap, thick, misleading, nasty acrylic. I’m still sure there is a good acrylic out there, but it’s just not for me. Once again, I thank everyone for giving me so detailed answers and advice. :slight_smile: