Best way to tie off ? (tips and tricks welcomed !)

So, I finished a scarf (one for ME for a change !), and I have been dissatisfied with the tie off method I have been using, which is based on nothing more than my necessity to tie off. :roflhard:

Any suggestion on how to prevent a knot that will show ? What do I do with the last stitch ?

It’s a knit stitch, by the way.

Thanks so much !

have you watched amy’s bind-off video? :shock: knots? There should be no knots!

there is a nice little tip at the end of the “small project” video. It is a long clip so it can take some time to load but it is definitely worth the watch!

Well, there’s sort of a knot where you pull the end of the yarn through the last loop. I don’t know how to fix the look of that, but usually when I weave in the end it kind of fixes the un-evenness of the bind off. I agree that if you can look at amy’s bind off and small project videos, it would help!

Using your yarn needle, try taking that loop off of your needle as if to knit, and weave in ends as explained in this article.

I agree. This little video helped me TONS. :thumbsup:

Here’s the link:

That was PRECISELY what I was looking for ! That’s awesome.

I did actually weave the yarn through the piece, but not as intricately, which means it will probably come loose at some point.

If, and when, it does I will just weave it the way the author described in that article.

Thanks so much !

I watched the video before I asked the question. I didn’t see her address how to handle the yarn when the piece is complete.

I will check it out, thanks !

You’re welcome, and good luck you two!

In this tips and Tricks episode, Lilly Chins shows you all kinds of bind offs and tucking in knots and stuff.,2025,DIY_14141_4246416,00.html

That was a pretty good episode…probably the best yet for this season. Anyone else kinda disappointed with this season?