Best way to make these toddler socks bigger?

I made a sock for DS using the North Country Cotton Baby Socks pattern (the one Amy has videos on this site for).

It came out OK, but it’s far too small for my DS. I would estimate that the heel is probably 1-2 inches too short, and the ribbing ends up being too short as well… the whole thing is a little bit tight on his foot too.

I already used size 7 dpn’s… what’s the best way to make this sock bigger? I checked my gauge and in stockinette stitch, it looks like around 5 stitches to 1"… maybe more like 4.75 stitches to 1". So, not a gauge issue, right?

I’m wondering if I should use larger DPN’s (which I would need to buy, the next size up I have is 10.5), or just try to knit more rows into the ribbing and the length of the sock, or what is the best way to go about it?

TIA. :slight_smile:

The gauge is good, Pheonix is a sasquatch… just kidding :lol:
Adding more rows is the answer, I have to custom-size patterns all the time. Nobody is exactly the same, so take the measurements of your victim, er, I mean, recipient of your fine handi-work, and adjust the pattern accordingly… number of rows, stitches, etc. Don’t sweat the small stuff. KNIT ON !!