Best way to make bunny ears! Woohoo!

What is the best way to make rabbit ears? These will be long, floppy ears that are white on one side and white outlining brown on the other.

They should be similar to the ears in this picture (but much longer):

Should I do two separate pieces (inside and outside) and then sew them together?

Or should I attempt to double knit them?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Do you want them to be floppy or have some shape? If you want them to have shape you might want to try knitting the inside and outside separately and stitching them together. You can trim plastic canvas to shape and stitch it inside the ears. This should hold up okay if you decide to machine wash the hat later. You can get sheets of plastic canvas at any craft store. Walmart should carry it, too. Here’s what it looks like if you don’t know.

Thanks for the response, PJ. Actually, my niece wants floppy ears that hang down to her shoulders, so I guess I don’t need to worry about the plastic.

So you would recommend doing them in two pieces and sewing them together?

Just a thought here…

If I understand what you want correctly, you could knit them in the round in 2 colors, and duplicate stitch/embroider/crochet an ear border if you like. Think a very large thumb on a mitten…

Happy knitting!

I recently made a bunny myself and used the free [link"]]([URL=[Honey Bunny]( pattern. I made the ears stockinette so they’d curl slightly like a lop eared bunny’s ears do. Had to make it wider and longer than the pattern called for to make it work. Made the arms and legs longer than the pattern called for too to give it less of a teddy bear feel. Turned out super cute :slight_smile: