Best way to clean up dog hair on tile floors?


Hi all -

DH and I purchased and moved into our first house in January. Almost the entire first floor is laminate hardwood or ceramic tile. Our dog Cisco, a black lab, is shedding EVERYWHERE. I have to use the dustbuster every day! Is there a better way to clean up the hair?

I know lots of y’all are animal lovers. So tell me. . . what works best for you and why? Swiffer? Vacuum? Dustbuster? Broom? Other ideas?



Swiffer does great for us and we have 3 dogs and a cat! One dog is a great pyr so he has enough hair for 4 dogs! Congrats on the new house!



I found out that the best way is to ignore them:roflhard: Seriously, we use the broom and the vacuum, depending on the mood. I like the vacuum better, because it won’t let the hairs fly around like the broom. but we also have 2 cats, so we have hair everywhere - even on our pillows and inside the washing machine. I stopped being obsessive about cleaning a few years ago. We do major cleaning once week - vacuuming the carpet in the living room, washing the floor, dust etc. During the week we sometimes sweep or just pick up dust bunnies off the floor :teehee: but we also have a very small apartment - 460 sq/ft (43 sq/m).


Well, you can buy a Dyson for about a kazillion dollars (like I did) and then after you fight with the thing (to get under the furniture) and it doesn’t give enough to do the furniture (the hose/wand)…do it the good ole fashioned way: hands, knees and bucket…I have hard wood floors too…then keep gloves on, run your hands over your furniture and get the hair off them too with your damp rubber glove…cloud9


I have laminate floors and a long haired cat and dog. I’ve found brooms really don’t work well, but a swiffer and/or vacuum work great. You can get one of the small stick vacuums that are easy to use for hard floors.


hahahaha…I soo could have written this!! Except I have 5 cats (including a Birman and a Himalayan) and 2 dogs (one of which is white)…So yeah, we have learned to live with pet hair all over the place! :teehee: Pretty sad, though, we even have pet hair in our car…and our pets don’t go in our car! :roflhard:


I use a dust mop to capture kitty fur on hard flooring.


Swiffer Sweeper Vac - economical, lightweight, rechargeable, effective.


I had one and eventually tossed it out. It didn’t stay charged long enough to get my house done. I have a corded vac now and it’s much better. :shrug:


OMG! I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who’s entire existance involves cleaning up cat and dog hair! I use [B]ALL[/B] of the above described methods and tools! Pledge also makes what they call a “Fabric Sweeper” which works on your bedspread, pillows and other furniture.

Let’s hear it from everyone that wakes up with cat hair tickling their nose every morning!!! :cheering: :cheering: :teehee: :waah:


My DH wore black uniforms and my first dog was white. Never found anything to get rid of all the white hairs!! When I wanted another dog after she died-she was 15 or 16- my husband’s conditions were no poodle and not a breed that shedds. Boy that narrowed my selections down!! I have a Shih Tzu now and she doesn’t shed. :cheering:


The Pledge fabric sweeper works great on the couch! And yes, we have wood laminate and when the sun hits it just right you wouldn’t believe how much hair you see on the floor. I run my vacuum every other day, it’s the only way I can keep up with it :eyes:


I just gave up…


I vote for the vacuum cleaner to get the most hair. In between, I just use a broom. We have 3 dogs - two shedders (pomeranian mixes).


:roflhard: I totally agree!


My hubby is of the “just give up” mind set - During the week I myself use a good 'ole fashioned dust mop to get the hardwood and laminate, give it a good shake off the porch. On the weekends out comes the vacumm and a swiffer with a knit cover that I dampen.

Beyond that - get a dog that matches the color of the floors : )


I have tri colored beagles so it shows up on everything!!! I was thinking because I get so much fur out of the lint trap of the dryer, maybe I should put them in on the “fluff” cycle :wink:


On upholstery the best thing to remove pet hair is a good old fashioned rubber glove. You know the kind you would use to wash dishes. My gray cat adores my navy blue chair. I keep a glove in the drawer next to the chair for quick and easy clean up. It amazes me how much fur a 10 pound short haired cat can lose in the course of a few days and still have more than enough fur to cover his body!

I also use a dust mop and a vacuum for the hard floors. With a lab and two cats I have more than my fair share of fur flying around.


I have mostly tile as well and I aways invest in a vacuum that has a hard floor setting or bare floor setting and vacuum it. If not that I spray the bottom of my broom with Endust and sweep with that, though it does make the floors kind of slick. I have a lot of hair with three dogs and one cat. I still prefer the tile, because the carpet would just be embedded with a lot of that fur. At least this way, it comes up, even if you can see it when they shed.


Broom will capture the hairs and leave your floor or bed clean. Using broom should also not leave any scratches. It should also reach all of the weird places that your dog ventures in to at all times.