Best Way to Block Something when worried about Colour Bleeding?

Just wondering the best way to block something if I’m worried about the colours bleeding.

They’re already bleeding onto my bamboo needles a little, so I’m guessing it’s going to be hell if I try to wash it or get it wet at all.

I’m using maroon and gold wools (Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban scarf pattern), so the dark colour is quite dark, and the pale one quite pale.

Thanks in advance!cloud9

Wetting with cold water might help but I think that vinegar will actually set colors. Try is with some pieces of the yarn. Then you’ll more than likely have to air the project to get the vinegar smell out. I’ll do some research…


And a recommendation from someone to check with the folks at Dharma Trading, since they are a “Dye” company:

ooh ta very much, I’ll have a read :aww: