Best sock yarn from KP?

I have a credit at Knit Picks and would like to order some sock yarn. What’s the best yarn? I’d like to make these Widdershins, but am not sure what the best yarn would be. Input anyone?

I ordered some of the Felici a while back. It’s nice and soft. But I haven’t knit with it yet.

I just ordered some of their Essentials which is a superwash wool (75% wool, 25% nylon). I’ve never used it before but I’m going to try it out.

first question I would ask is… are you allergic to wool? if so cotton is a good choice or something like tofutsies that has the chitin in it … ( I can’t use wool… it makes me itch too much~!:biting::biting::biting::biting:)

No, I’m not alergic to wool. I have a credit from KnitPicks (returning extra yarn after 30 days) and want to make a second pair of socks. I’d love to try tofutsies, and socks that rock, but KP doesn’t carry them.

Mom to GB & H:
Is the Felici SOFT? And do you think 2 skeins will make a pair of socks for big (9 1/2) feet or should would it take 3 or 4? The yardage isn’t much on those.

Is the Essential SOFT? It seems like a better deal than the Felici and the colorways are lovely. What did you get? How does it feel to knit with it? What needle size would you use for socks in Essential?

I have made socks with Essentials and it is quite soft. The heels and toes felted a bit after just one wear but haven’t changed after that through 4 washings and wearings. I don’t put them in the dryer.

The yardage is good, I have made a pair of socks for my husband’s 10.5 feet and have some left over from each skein. I think I used size 1’s.

Have fun, it is very nice yarn for the price.

Edited to add: it is splitty if you knit it tight!

I love KP’s Memories yarn its so soft. I knit a pair of socks for me and my dad out it.

I have used Essentials and Rista. I love them both! Rista has a lot stretch to it and I really like it. I used size 1 with both.

I think the rule of thumb on yarn weight and foot size is that if you’re making socks that go midway between your calf and your ankle, 100g is enough. Footies only require 50g. Just watch the weight of the skeins. Sometimes they come in 50g, and sometimes they come in 100g. I didn’t pay close enough attention when I got yarn with a gift certificate and have resorted to making footies.

Thanks, Auburnchick. Rules of thumb like that are SO helpful!

The Felici is VERY soft. I quite like it, and it’s self striping.
I have size 9 feet, and ALWAYS have yarn left over from using 100 grams for my socks.