Best place for sari silk yarn?

What’s your favorite place for buying that recycled sari silk yarn? I’ve seen lots of sellers on ebay and other internet sites, but I’m not sure what is my best bet!

I’m anxious to see what everyone says on this thread, I’ve not yet gotten any of this yarn, but I’m intrigued & am thinking that I want some :smiley:

I got some on ebay and it was CRAP… I can’t log into my ebay account to tell you the seller b/c I’m at school and acution sites are restricted :? I also got some from Wool and Companyin Geneva IL, and it was FABULOUS. I think they have online ordering and shipping.

hmmm… i just checked the website and it doesn’t look like they offer it online… I’ll try to find out the brand.

I haven’t bought from them, but I had them bookmarked, and they have a money-back guarantee:


i just won an ebay auction for some silk yarn here:

sooo excited! :cheering: