Best pie I ever made

We had a dessert-farewell “thingy” yesterday for our temp, who is going to England to study. I made an apple pie and it went over [U]really[/U] well. Excellent was even used! To remember what apples I used, I’m going to call it “F & 3G Apple Pie” (Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious & Granny Smith: 2 of each)

Original recipe for “The Mother of All Apple Pies” and “Basic Flaky Pie Pastry” is by Ken Haedrich in his book "Pie"

The only thing I altered was to omit a pecan topping and do a lattice crust. And because the original recipe had divided the sugar between the topping [U]and[/U] the filling (3/4 cup each), the pies came out not too sweet and let the apples shine on their own. I say pies, because this recipe was for [B]one[/B] massive pie and I used a total of 16 apples, 8 per pie. This was also the most successful flakey crust (butter and shortening).
After munching all day on pie, 4-layer carrot cake, assorted cookies, brownies, cheesecake (I made that too), fresh fruit and a ton of coffee we all went home in a sugar-coma.

That looks delicious! I love the way a lattice crust looks. I almost always put it on my fruit pies. People are so impressed, but its so easy. I like the fact that the apples were the star. Sometimes pies are way too sweet.

Ooooh! Great job! Good for you - and your co-workers.

Pies too sweet? Huh? :teehee:

That looks really, really delicious!

Apple pies are way up there on my list of ‘good eats’. Yours looks delicious, and good on you for making a real lattice top, not just putting the dough strips on top of each other.

Guess my real favorite is any berry pie, made with a pie crust that is half and half white and ww flour.

I know the too sweet thing sounds funny, but sometimes I can’t taste the main ingredient in the pie. I think this comes from having a Mom who was a sugar addict (now is diabetic - go figure!) She was always a good cook, just a little heavy on the sweet.

Man oh Man does that looks good. My doctor seems to think I am diabetic. I am not accepting that, although I am trying to do what he says and lose weight. I could eat the whole thing. Yum!!!:muah:

I love apple pies . I am glad that impressed . Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Mmmm that looks so tasty!

The pie looks so perfect! I like a lot of cinnomon in pies I make. When I eat apple pie any where, there is never enough cinnamon in them. I likie really tart apples to eat and cook with. So I would have used just Granny Smiths and added Braeburn apples to make up the required amount needed. But that is my opinion about apple pies, you might like less cinnamon in them.

:mmm: Mmmmm. What beautiful pies! Gosh, you are making me hungry.

That pie looks awesome. Now I have to clean the drool off my keyboard. :teehee: