Best order to seam a cardigan?

I have just finished knitting all the components for my first cardigan and was wondering if anyone has an opinion as to what is the best order to seam the individual pieces together?

Also, is it better to sew the sleeves in before seaming the sleeve down the length or or should I seam that first?

Any opinions and why (methodology) would be greatly appreciated.

I am doing the Yankee Knitter Adult Cable Knit Sweater #25.

As always, thank you in advance!

An easy way to work this is to seam the shoulders. Leave the sleeve open and seam the sleeve cap to the armhole opening. Then work one long seam from the sleeve cuff to the hem at the bottom of the sweater.

Anywhere that it’s simple to work mattress stitch is good (i.e. the long seam from sleeve cuff to body hem). I pin the pieces together to make sure everything works before sewing.

Thank you - that sounds like a solid plan - one other question: when starting the cardigan neckband, I am supposed to work the stitches on the smaller set of needs, start at rt shoulder, work 7 sts in seed stitch, k3, pick up and knit 18 stitches along neck edge, k28 stitches fro back holder and increase 4 sts evenly spaced across these stitches, pick up & knit…all around the existing neckband down to the other side. When I start this process, am I just picking up the new yarn from the ball as if I am starting a new project? Dumb question, but have never done this manuever before…


Yes, if I understand the question correctly, you’re working with a new strand of yarn from the yarn ball. When you start at the right shoulder and pick up the sts, your yarn is in position to knit across the held sts and continue picking up around the front neck.

Thank you, Salmonmac - once again, you have saved the day!


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I agree with Salmonmac about the seaming process. However, before I sew the sleeves in place, I do the neck edging and the front edges if it is a cardigan first. That way there is less weight on my lap while I work, which can also effect your stitches.

That is standard garment construction, from someone who sews tee shirts. I would suggest pinning the seams with safety pins or markers here and there to make sure it all lines up correctly

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