Best Online Yarn Store?

Hi! I’m a newbie just learning to knit.

My instructor has decided on our intermediate class project and I need Ultramerino wool as well as some more needles. Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry what I need and the local yarn stores are far away.

I would like to find a good place online where I can order yarns. You know dependable, reasonable…

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Sharon ! Good luck with your knitting. :muah:

Kpixie carries it, and I’ve had great experiences with buying from them.

I’ve had very good service from Their range is better than many others, with a few low and high-end yarns.


I’ll have to second Kpixie. I just ordered some organic cotton and got my order very quickly! PLUS there was a handwritten thank you on the invoice! Amazing.

I like…~ they almost ALWAYS have something on sale~~! Delivery is 2-3 business days depending on the weather… if it’s icy, snowy

I forgot to add Fuzzy Mable’s. Really, really nice place and super service.

Hi! These people have some nice sales also, and are nice too.!OpenForm

WEBS carries Ultramerino, and their discounts (20% on $60 and 25% on $120) is good