Best online shopping for yarn etc.?

My birthday is coming up, and I’m hinting to the family that some knitting supplies would be fun! What is the best place to order yarn, needles, etc. from online? After reading the “What’s up with homespun” forum, I’m wary of Lionbrand. Knitpicks is the only other one I’m really aware of, though I’m sure there are millions.

Thanks for your experience and advice! :muah:

Pulling out the receipts…

I’ve ordered from [B][COLOR=Red]Purlsoho[/COLOR][/B], [B][COLOR=Green]KP[/COLOR][/B], [B][COLOR=Blue]Elmore-Pisgah (Peaches and Creme)[/COLOR][/B], [B][COLOR=Purple]Yarn Barn[/COLOR][/B], [B][COLOR=Magenta]Little Knits[/COLOR][/B], [B][COLOR=DarkOrange]Yarn Market[/COLOR][/B], and [B][COLOR=DimGray]Ram Wools[/COLOR][/B].

I’ve had great luck with all of them.

I know that some people also get yarn from various Ebayers.

No one mentioned or WEBS -

I was just getting ready to ask this question - been roaming the net but am always leery of ordering from places I have never heard of or been referred to…thanks Teeka for the question - and thanks for the replies so far - I’ll be bookmarking all night :roflhard:

I get such FAST delivery from elann and Webs. Those two are my favorites.:cheering::cheering:

Thanks so much, everyone! We were out ofr town for two days, hence the delay in my thanks! I’m going to start poking around now. :cheering:

If you like Crystal Palace needles (my faves), Knitty Noddy has the best prices and also the best shipping prices. I love her, she has super fast shipping and great customer service. I buy from her whenever I can.

I also like The Loopy Ewe for customer service and beautiful sock yarn selection.

Elann and Webs, of course, Ram Wools I have gotten stuff from a couple of times, but both times the inventory said it was there when it was backordered and I had to wait several weeks.

I’ve shopped at lots of places and most of them are pretty good, so if I were you I’d choose who has the stuff I want (Webs has the best yarn selection by far) but Knitty Noddy and the Loopy Ewe stand out in my memory for enjoyable experiences.

I’ve only bought from and they provided superior service with very quick delivery.

For sock patterns, I have only used so far, because I can’t seem to master the toe up sock.

Everything else I’ve made, I’ve purchased the supplies in person at various stores.

OVERALL, I think [COLOR=blue][/COLOR] has [COLOR=red]great variety of yarn, [/COLOR]patterns and thingys. Great delivery service, too. KntiPicks is great for needles and thingys…but the yarn is limited IMHO.

I have also had WONDERFUL experiences from this Ebay yarn shop called the [COLOR=blue]CucumberPatch[/COLOR]

She also offers many FREE SHIPPING deals.