Best online place to buy sock yarn?

I have only $50 bucks to spend… and I want to get as much as I can :slight_smile:

SInce I have never bought Real sock yarn, could someone also give me some ideas on what types are nice to knit with?
I’m sure anything I use would be better than this acrylic I have been using!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Where to start?! has lots of great different sock yarns at very affordable prices has a great selection of many kinds of yarns, especially sock yarns! has a lot of amazing sock yarn hand dyed by some great indie artists.

I’ve used Lion Brand Magic Stripes ($7 for a ball = 1 pair of socks) and Plymouth Sockotta ($9 for a ball = 1 pair of socks). Lion Brand is softer, but Sockotta contains cotton, which makes it more wearable in the warmer months. Sockotta comes in more colors, but Magic Stripes has bolder colors that seem to be more saturated. Bernat Sox is…not so great. I used about 1 1/2 balls to make a short pair of socks, but they’re all synthetic, so they make my feet sweat.

My personal favorite with the best selection is Carodan Farm:

The service is terrific also. My favorite sock yarn is Trekking but I like Opal yarns and Meilenweit also.

My favorite is the she has great service. She carries more expensive yarn but it is a great place to shop.

I like the selection in this one too -
And hey I noticed they ship for free if you order $50 or more :smiley:

As for what kind of sock yarn, merino is probably nicest. If it’s superwash and has some nylon in it (for durability), even better. Cotton blends are nice for summer.

Happy Shopping!

I just got my order from them today. Ordered it on Thursday and it came on Saturday to my office! I bought several different yarns from them to try…