Best LYS in Portland?

I’m going to Portland, OR on Friday to spend the weekend with my best friend. She’s not a knitter, so I don’t want to drag her to all the knitting stores in the city. Anyone have any ideas if I want to narrow it down to just one?


anyone? :slight_smile:

Not in Oregon and when I was there last I only got to go to one yarn shop as well. the Yarn Garden. I went there because A) it was close to where I was staying (on Hawthron) and B) it had the same name as a yarn shop that used to be near me. It was a sweet place to visit and I enjoyed going there. The number is 503-239-7950 They have a website as well Have fun! I :heart: Portland and miss it SOOOO much!

The Yarn Garden is nice. They have lots of little rooms, with a ton of yarn in all kinds of different varieties. Including some interesting stuff you might not find elsewhere.
I haven’t been there, but Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks is supposed to be really great too. I’ve purchased some yarn from them at the OFF this summer but haven’t made it to the store.
All About Yarn is on the West side. Supposed to be nice but I haven’t ever been there.
If I knew what area in town you’d be in, it would be easier to tell you what might be closest.

yeah it depends on where you are staying. Northwest Wools in Multnomah Villiage is cute. Naked sheep is in NE. Knit/Purl is downtown (kinda pricy thoguh). Twisted is on broadway near Lloyd Center. I think the place in Tigard is called Tangle. And there is a lot more I can’t think off the top of my head. The Yarn Garden is a sort of Mecca for yarn stores though. If you need someone to go shopping with give me call!!

Thanks, y’all! :slight_smile: I’ll only be there for the weekend, and I think my best friend lives in SW Portland, but she said it doesn’t matter, she’ll take me where ever I want to go. Isn’t she sweet?! :slight_smile: