Best left handed knitting instructions?

I’ve been having trouble learning to knit left handed. When I learned to crochet I just switched the hand the instructions said to use since it was written for someone right handed, but when I tried to do this for knitting I got really confused. Can anyone recommend some good instructions that address left handed knitters? I prefer online but a book would work to, especially if its a book that features alternative projects like Anticraft, Pretty in Punk, or Stitch and Bitch. Thank you so much for your time!


There’s a site or blog, it might be called ‘on the other hand’ though I could be wrong, sorry I don’t have a link. This is what I got from a Google search for ‘left handed knitting’.

You might find continental style versus english style knitting easier since the yarn is held in the left hand. It’s not considered a ‘handed’ knitting, many right-handed people use continental style.

You can find all the videos here on this site. It might save you a lot of hassle to learn a well known method.

I agree. I know many truly left handed people who knit ‘right’ handed, but continental style.

Thanks so much for your suggestions! I tried the continental style and it was definitely much easier for me. I’m going to look for the “one the other hand” blog just in case they have an easier method. Thanks again!!!


Why do you need to learn to knit left-handed? I’m a lefty crocheter and learned to knit right-handed. It’s actually easier if you’re a thrower because you use the right hand to hold the yarn.