Best knitting needles for knitting in the round

Hi I mainly knit in the round and my main frustration is working out the size of my double pointed and circular needles. I have a gauge but what I would really like to purchase is a set of double pointed needles / circular needles with the size printed on each needle. Does anyone know if these exist?

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This is the wrong forum for this post, but I don’t know how to move it yet so I’ll just answer here. There are needles with numbers on them. I have both Knitpicks and Knitter’s Pride wood circulars. My Knitpicks Options do not have sizes on them, but the Knitter’s Pride wood circs, do. I suspect KP DPNs would also have sizes. If you want to see what they look like click the KH Shop link at the top of the page and they have some you can look at. I’m sure there are other brands that have sizes, but off hand I’m not sure which ones.

Thank you for this. I will check these out!:blush:

Hi Beeswingknits!

I have a set of KP Simphonie Dreamz interchangeable circs and they are both color coded and labeled for easy size identification. I rarely, if ever, use my gauge.

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Thank you - I will look out for these.

small footnote: If you have bamboo DPNs you will find them to be very resistant
to paint. But, if you want to see the writing on the sides; paint across the stamped
wording on the needles with fingernail polish with one fast stroke. Then wipe polish
off immediately! And I mean fast !! The polish will go into the words which were
stamped into the sides of the bamboo. Bamboo is very resistant to any kind of
paint on the surface. But the paint will stick inside of heat stamped lettering.
Use a bright color & you will always be able to read the sizes. For bamboo only.

I have Knitters Pride Zing double points. They have the sizes etched on them and are also color coded. I bought myself the interchangeable set this week, but the colors for each are the same. This set is from 4-11.

Its not letting me add another picture. But here is the color coded, etched KP Zing double points. If you crochet, Susan Bates hooks are also color coded. It’s nice because you can grab and go. I don’t have a size gauge right now. I gave mine to my daughter who starting knitting again after a long hiatus.