Best knitting book

my cuz just gave me a gift card to barnes and nobles 4 christmas, so i was wondering what knitting books would be the best to buy. ive already looked at a few online, including “not another teen knitting book!”, “one skein wonders,” and “knitting answer book.” those look ok, but i can know for sure 'cause i havent gotten the change to really look through them.

Since I can get most of my answers here, I’m not big on instruction books. For a portable reference, I like The Knitter’s Companion by Vicki Square: it’s small, but it has lots of techniques and fits in my bag.

If you’re interested in making socks, try Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.

Otherwise, I suggest looking at stitch dictionaries.

Have fun shopping!

i’m really looking mostly for pattern books–preferablly one geared towards teens–and maybe one instruction book

The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Compton is a great instruction book, as are the Vouge knitting books.

Vicki Howell has a book called Not Another Teen Knitting Book that has some really modern patterns for teens in it.

I love the One Skein book and Knit One, Felt Two (if you are interested in felting patterns).

Good luck! Knitting books are addictive!!

one Skein is good. and Stitch n bitch is another good one. it has some patterns in it too as well as some instruction.

Dd looked at Not Another Teen Knitting Book and Chick Knits for Young Chicks. Dd preferred the patterns in Chick Knits for Young Chicks hands down, which is written by an actual teen, as a gift for Chanukah.

You can look through a few of the projects here.

thanx for the suggestions!

i ordered the following:

  1. KnitGrrl (hate the title, but the projects seem cool)
  2. Teen Knitting Club
  3. Not Another Teen Knitting Book (<<she said it :teehee: )
  4. Crocheet Away! (cuz crocheted hats r soo cool!)

what about Doma-knit-rics

its really cool
nice hoodie pattern
and fun stuff for teens


It all depends on what you want. If you want patterns, instructions, etc, there are alot of good books. For patterns, I personally like ‘Sweaters from Camp’ be Meg Swanson.

Heh, I liked the Domi-knit-rix book, has some pretty neat patterns in there. I liked the devil horned cap the best. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: