Best kind of fingerless thing for football player

I was thinking of knitting some kind of fingerless thing for a nephew who plays football, sometimes as QB and sometimes receiving. I thought he might be able to use something to warm up his hands early in a practice session when the weather gets cold, but something that wouldn’t affect his ability to hold on to the ball. Has anyone done something specifically for this use? And I’m not sure I know the difference between wristwarmers and fingerless gloves. Do the wristwarmers have only a hole for the thumb? Would that be best for this purpose?

Choosing fingerless gloves was a good idea… although I’d imagine the gloves would need some sort of rubber or a non-slippery yarn for the palms… hmm. That’s all I got. :think:

On the wrist warmer vs fingerless gloves subject: I usually think of wrist warmers as just a band that goes around your wrist, like a really wide bracelet. Although, some people call those pulse warmers.
I’ve seen patterns called wrist warmers that are made the way you mentioned… just a hole for the thumb. I usually refer to those as fingerless gloves.
I’ve also seen gloves where you knit about an inch on each finger, but, they’re also called fingerless gloves. Hmmm. I guess technically they should be called 1/4-finger gloves. :shrug:

Oh, the odd world of knitting. :wink:

I would agree that the gloves should have some sort of rubber or something to grip the ball. Sorry, I’m not much help.