Best join for cotton blend yarn in a sweater

I’m making a sweater using Knitpicks Comfy worsted yarn. I have attempted to learn the Russian join, but the yarn is giving me fits. I have watched the tutorial over and over and over, but when I try to pull the yarn back through itself, it just gets into a giant knot and the strand won’t pull through. Is this a tendency of a cotton blend yarn as opposed to wool or acrylic? I usually use knit in or magic knot to join a new ball of yarn, but everything I’ve read says they are not good to use in a sweater. Is there another join that would be strong and work well with a cotton blend?

Here’s a method that should work:

I usually just overlap the two yarns for a stitch or two and then weave in the ends. If it’s a seamed sweater you can join in new yarn at the beginning of a row and then weave ends into the seam.

Thanks, I’ll give this a try!!!:crossed_fingers: