Best Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set?

I saw the Boye Interchangeable circ set at Michaels the other day and am seriously contemplating buying it. But before I do, I thought I’d see if anyone has any pearls of wisdom, personal experience, or advice about this brand or brands of circular sets.

If it helps, I:

  • Mostly make hats with circs
  • Am also fine with DPns
  • Am a bit rough when I knot
  • Prefer metal to wood



Not to be unhelpful, but did you check the forum? This subject comes up at least once a month and there’s probably a dozen threads on the topic. You can do a search on ‘interchangeable’ and that should bring them up.

Yeah, tons of threads already in here. Here’s a few. :thumbsup:

my knitting group use and like denise interchangeable circ…50.00 on amazon,no s/h charge…

However, if you mainly knit hats, you won’t get an interchangeable that’s short enough.

Hiya Hiya sets do come with 16" cable, just for clarification. A google search will lead you to their website :slight_smile:

If the cable is 16", then you need to add the length of the needles to that.

I’ve found that the KnitPicks 16" fixed circulars are very nice.

I love my Denise as well. I use them for almost everything except socks. I still like the old fashioned way with DPNs.

I have a kit from 25 years ago…K and L or something like that. I have every size from 2-12 and lots of plastic wire to make almost anything. The needles screw into the wire. I also still use the DPN’s for socks and hats.:wink: I like the kit over the straight needles as it packs smaller for when I’m traveling. I haven’t seen any of the new kits but it was a good investment for me. I haven’t bought any needles in a long long long time:mrgreen:

As I have mentioned many times before…I will not touch Boyes with a 100 ft pole…

I would be just as well off knitting with rusty nails!

But that is IMO…there are others that like them…

The only interchangeable circular set I ever used is Knitpicks options and I LOVE them. I used other fixed circular needles before (I think I used Susan bates) and I always had a hard time keeping the cord straight and often ended up with a twisted project–this might have been due to inexperience, but I never had that problem since I got my options. The cables are much more flexible with not as much memory. I’ve made hats and gloves on my options without a problem, but I always used a modified magic loop so the length of the cables available isn’t an issue. When I make sweaters I use the largest cable (60" I think)and do a modified magic loop so that I don’t have to transfer to a larger cable to try it on. I have a few harmony tips, but I prefer the nickel.

Before I made my decision on which set to purchase (I was torn between Denise, Boye, and Options) I ordered a two sets of tips and a cable from KP just to try them out. I loved them ever since and never second guessed my decision to buy the full set.

The Hiya Hiya interchangeable needle tips are shorter, and include a cable that will make a true 16 inch needle.

My first set of interchangables was boye and we all live and learn i guess. I hated them because of the join umong other things. I got rid of them and now I have Addi Clicks. Love them but the smallest cord is a 24" not small enough for hats.
But I make everything I give for Christmas so Ive used the crap outta these things and my smaller circs. holding up well. They were well worth the money in my opinion.

What did you finally go with?

We just love to talk about needles!!!

I think the best interchangeable needle set is the Addi CLICKS.
I also think [B]Addi circs[/B] pf any type [B]are the best quality,[/B] especially with the new ultra flexible BLUE cord.

However, the [B]Addi CLICKS [/B]are pricey! Really, [B]too pricey![/B]

So next in line IMHO are KnitPicks Interchangeables. I love all three types:
Nickel Plated, Harmony wood, and Zephyr acrylics.

I bought the Boye Needlemaster set a while back. Brand new, from, on sale for about $44. It is nice, but not as nice as KP or Addi.

Anyhoo, I love it when someone resurrects a new WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NEEDLES thread! We all love to talk about needles, and I never tire of it! :yay:

My recommendation for a newbie knitter: purchase the KnitPicks full set of Zephyr Interchangeables…and branch out from there. It’s a great set, and very affordable!

Lissaplus2, a 24" cable is not small enough for hats but 2 (one knitting the front half of the stitches and the 2nd knitting the back half of the stitches) is perfect. And you do not have to change to DPN’s when the crown is being done!

I knit hats with a 24" needle - but I use the single loop version of Magic loop, then do ML at the top.

Is there a video of how this is done? Thanks

Sure, here’s a video, and then there’s a couple tutorials with pictures…
Single Loop‎ option
Single Loop instead of Magic Loop

You can use a much shorter needle with this technique than you need for ML.

Hi, Zoe! :waving:

I have the Options Nickel Plated interchangeables and I LOVE THEM!!!

They’re smooth to use, the cables are very flexible but still strong and the pieces in the set provide lots of variety.

Besides which, Knit Picks’ customer service is OUTSTANDING!

Hope you find what you like best, but even if you just get one set of tips and one set of cables to try them out I bet 'ya you’ll love them, too!

Happy Knitting,
Ruthie :hug:

I’ve had the Boye and Denise - both have less than satisfactory joins IMHO.

I’ve been using the KnitPicks set (Harmony points) and am happy with them. I especially like that the cables come two to a pack - a real deal.