Best increase for making a sweater?

My MIL left me to start a sweater for her while they’re away this week. My question is what is the best increase for a sweater?

I’m new to sweater making, so far I’ve done oddles of socks. i am a new knitter having learned in December and I haven’t quit since then!!!

You can do a M1 increase between the first and second stitches, or kfb in the first stitch on each edge. (this is assuming he increases are on the edge)

The M1 leaves the edge a little neater for seaming, but the kfb is just easier to do.

Thanks, it says to evenly increase 12 stitches in the first round. Would M1B still be better increase?

In that case, yes.

OK another question…when doing the gauge should it equal to the larger needle which most of the sweater will be knitted with? Or the smaller which is just the ribbing? To me made more sense with the bigger needles which will be used to make the sweater.

Probably stupid question but just checking.

Usually your pattern will tell you. If it doesn’t, I’d probably do my swatch with the larger needles. To be completely sure, you can figure it out using the pattern measurements and stitch count.

Thanks for replying! I’m going with the gauge on the bigger needles. I’m pretty excited to make my first sweater!! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m making the Michele Wyman’s Checkerboard Sweater for Kids. It’s a project that my MIL picked out but instead of checks I believe she wants fun fur instead, (as a stripe) which now makes better sense to me. I thought she wanted the checks to be done with the fun fur.

The M1B looks great!! :cheering: ME!! Thanks! :happydance:

:cheering: :happydance: