Best Friend Socks pattern

Hey Ya’ll :waving: I know I’ve not been around in a long time - health and all sorts of reasons, but - that’s okay because I am extremely blessed.
I designed and knit a pair of socks for one of my very best buds, Amy (horve1 on here). She’s very understanding - she’s just gotten the package of her Christmas gifts because I was so ill during Dec…but, like i said, she understood! This is a fun knit, with enough lace to keep you interested, but not too much so that you become confused. Best Friend Socks would be a great addition to your friend’s socks wardrobe! I knit these with TOFUtsies (Stand on your own 2 feet #722 colorway) and sizes 1 (2.25mm) & 2 (2.75mm) circs - but, i wrote the pattern using dpns because socknitters that can knit with dpns can usually easily change to another knitting method. A picture or 50 (j/k -sorta, lol!) fyi, click to increase photo size."] I hope ya’ll enjoy knitting the socks, should you choose to knit them! I sure had fun knitting them, so much so that I’m gonna have to have a pair for myself. Oh, almost forgot, this pattern is written for size 7.5 and I used 7 complete pattern repeats on the leg of the socks and had a good deal of yarn left over (20-25 grams)…so, should you choose to knit it, but you have a larger foot…go for it!
:cheering: :blooby: HAPPY KNITTING & GOD BLESS:blooby: :cheering: ONE AND ALL!:cheering: :blooby:

FYI, I sure have missed all of ya’ll during the past many months in which I’ve been out of the KH picture :muah:

:woohoo: Thanks Becka for another great pattern!! Missed reading your posts…hope you are feeling better :hug:

Aren’t you too sweet?! I’m more than happy to share my designs with ya’ll!
thanks for asking…doing about the same, but with the addition of carpal tunnell (sp?); hopefully therapy will make a difference! Still may have to have surgery, especially the left one. but, hey, that’s okay because I’m more blessed than 99% of the world!!!
hugs all around!

yes! thank you!

what a good friend you are! Thanks for sharing the pattern:thumbsup:

Ya’ll are more than welcome! I am more than happy to share!

Thanks for the pattern! I think these will be on the list for Christmas for a couple of my friends. Welcome back!

How can I adjust your pattern to fit my big feet? I wear a 9.5-10 ?
Beautiful pattern!!!
Thanks! Sally

Thanks everyone!
Hi Kindermen, I wear a size 9 & the sock circumference that I generally use in women’s patterns is 8" as I did with this sock, unless it’s been measured for a specific person in mind. With this sock I would simply look at a chart, such as this one and knit the foot until it’s 1 3/4 inches shorter than the desired total length of the sock (the 1 3/4 in. being the length needed in this pattern & gauge for the toe decreases. Oh, by the way, Charlene Shcurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks has a better chart in case the person isn’t available.
Now, if your foot is wider, I would suggest increasing the needle size with this pattern until you reach the correct gauge with this stitch pattern because it’s a 10 st. repeat, so it’s not as easy to change the # of st pattern repeats to widen the sock as if it were say a 4 st repeat. You know, after saying this, I also thought that if after you measure you foot and let’s say it’s an inch wider, I would say putting in another st pattern would be okay & cast on 70 sts (you may have to play with gauge, etc, but it can be done)…you are really just going to have to measure you foot & we can go from there…
I suggest reading all of the info here, especially the “knitting circle” and you will get a great deal of invaluable information.
I’m terribly sorry, I’m much better at explaining myself if we were chatting in person, I just can’t get my point across very well on computer, I’m sorry. LOL, like I said, I’m much better in person with the explaining, largely because I talk with my hands all of the time, LOL!
Please feel free to IM or email me if I can be of further assistance.

Hey, I’ve been wondering about you! It’s good to “see” you. Thanks for sharing the pattern!!:muah:

Thanks! I will work on it!

Hey! How nice to read, that I’ve been missed :hug: Same ole’ thing, down with my hip/leg/ankles,etc…but that’s okay, I’m very, very blessed, couldn’t ask for a better life, I just happen to live in pain, I’m far, far better off than millions and millions of people. BUT, it certainly makes me feel good to know that you were thinking about me :hug: !!!
And you are certainly welcome, I’m more than happy to share the designs I come up with, why, that’s the best part!
Kinderman, please let me know if I can be of assistance!

And congrats on being a celebrity with several of your patterns in the 2008 “Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar”! I’ve wanted to run around and tell everyone “I know who this is! She designed [I]Lonnie’s Socks[/I] and all sorts of items!”

:muah: :muah: Thanks so much, Denise! That’s so sweet of you!!:muah: :muah: But, look around, I’m not the only KHer in the calendar…off the top of my head jberry, Julie (my mind went blank - I can’t remember Julie’s KH name, I’m sorry!) and KellyK are in it, I’m sure more, but I can’t remember (sorry)…but congrats to all of you, too:cheering: :cheering: :blooby: :blooby: