Best fit for my husband?

I measured my husband, and his chest size is 41 1/2 inches around. I want to make him Knitting Pure & Simples’s Basic Vest for Men in Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. I’m not sure which size to make for him that would be a nice, not-too tight, not-too-loose fit: medium (chest 43") or large (chest 46")?

Men’s sweaters usually have about 4" of ease, check the patterns to see what the actual finished size is and go with the one that’s closest to about 3" of ease, since a vest is a little snugger than a roomy sweater. Or you could make the medium on larger needles or the larger one on smaller needles if that’s the actual finished size.

Thanks. Those are the finished sizes, and 43" only gives 1 1/2 inches of ease, so maybe I’ll go with the Large - 46". which is 4 1/2" of ease. I’ll do a swatch first with Size 6 (recommended) needles and then Size 5. If the Size 5s make it just a wee bit smaller, maybe I’ll go with those. I also thought about doing a cable in the front only with Size 6 needles, which would pull it in a bit, but then the back might be too large. I’m not used to making sweaters or vests. I’m trying to expand my knitting repertoire!

I’ve also found that sometimes there is some shrinkage with the first washing. It’s minimal, depending on the type of yarn you use, but if there is any wool in it, you need to make allowances.