Best decrease for st st hat?

New here and to knitting.

Ok, I’m knitting a hat flat in stockinette, what’s the best way to decrease?



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Welcome! If you’re asking which decrease method to use for hats, I’d go with knit two together. If you’re asking how often, etc., then we need more information. :wink:

Hi Ingrid,

There are 80 stitches on the needle. I’m not using a pattern, I just know what I want it to look like, just a normal beanie hat. I need to know how often to decrease so it will be a nice gradual curve on top without the “ruffles” it makes when you decrease it down by half in one row.

I made a hat in garter stitch for my daughter and did that-decreased by half in one row and then again on the next row and the hat has those “ruffles” on top. Cute, but not what I want this time.

Should I do K2tog, K2 and repeat until end of row, then purl the next row and repeat K2tog, K2 on the next row? And keep doing that until I’m down to the number of stitches I want left?

I want to know if that will work before I try it!

Thanks again,


There is a formula for this, found here.

Since your stitches are divisible by both 10 and 8, you can either start with k9 k2tog all the way around, then k8 k2tog all the way around on the next row, etc.

or, for a faster decrease you can start with k7 k2tog all the way around, k6 k2 tog on the next row, etc.

To elaborate on Ingrid’s suggestions:

You might want to knit a row or two between the decrease rows to create a more rounded hat. I generally follow the directions here. (note that this is a child’s size hat as written - but the decrease technique works equally well for adult sizes) These are pretty similar to the ones in the link Ingrid posted, but written out a bit more with no math required. :wink:

Good Luck!

:doh: I did forget that you should at least purl a row between the decreases!