Best decrease for garter stitch in baby cap

Hi … This is my first post to the forum. I am new to knitting. Am working on baby/preemie caps. Have completed 2 this week, it is so much fun!

On my next cap, I want to knit garter stitch for the main part of the cap (the pattern calls for stockinette) .
What type of decrease is best for this?
the original, pattern calls for k2tog in the stockinette rows.

When I looked over the videos, they address how to decrease / increase for PURL vs KNIT side.
How do you translate that to garter?

If this makes sense, then I would probably have the same question for increasing in garter? Do you use the recommended increase for knit or purl?

3rd q. Do you have a baby cap pattern that is mostly garter for reference?thanks much… Kanda

Though this isn’t a baby hat, this pattern is in garter stitch so you can use it as a reference. They use k2tog for decreases. I would generally use the increases/decreases based on the knit stitch in garter stitch patterns.

well if that is not the most perfect HELP ever! It serves TWO very wonderful purposes. One the answer to decreases on garter and and how ironic… or not… perhaps you are my Today’s Angel :slight_smile: thank you!

I also wanted to make some chemo caps… I have a few made for me from a friend using the fun fur and pattern from this site… but I never looked around further from the page she sent me.

Many many thanks for your response. Best wishes to you Mer.

Kanda (nascardudette)

Glad I could help! :smiley: