Best dec stitch when P row?

Hi All,

I’m not certain if it makes a huge difference or not, but is there a preference for the type of decrease stitch used when purling a row?

My pattern simply says to decrease 37 stitches across (from 158 stitches down to 121). I’m doing as instructed on this board by great folks… P5, decrease, P4, decrease, etc.

But I’m trying the SSK (Improved) I found on this site, is that best, or is there such a stitch as Perl 2tog?? Kind of like Knit 2 tog? Just want this sweater to be perfect.

I am totally new at this and seem to have taken on a project a bit out of my league. But it’s still so much fun! Thanks to y’all!

Thanks again for any advice on this stitch,
Lee Lee

You don’t want to use a SSK on the purl side - rather you could do a P2tog which is actually VERY easy. Insert your right needle into the first two stitches on the left needle as though they were one stitch, and purl them together.