Best Circular Needles for Magic Loop Socks?

Forever I have been knitting socks on DPNs but am interested in learning the two-at-a-time toe-up method with Magic Loop. I understand the concept, but my bamboo circulars are hanging up where the cord joins the wood. Just wondering which needles might have a very smooth joint making sliding the yarn a lot easier. Anybody have favorites? Also, I understand that some cords are more flexible than others and easier to deal with. Could use some advice before I spend a lot of money on new needles. Thanks.

I haven’t done two at a time, but I use magic loop for socks. I use either Knitpicks Options or Hiya Hiya.

I use my Knit Picks Options Sunstruck needles and they work fine for me. I have a CiaoGoo Red and don’t think I’ll use it for socks again, the ergonomic bend makes it harder to use and the steel cable isn’t as flexible as others I have. I don’t like my Addi Turbo, the cable is kinked and the tips are too blunt. I do ML 2 @ time socks, a 47" circ is about as short as I’d want to go.

Knit Picks, Knitters Pride, Chiao Goo interchangeable lace tips. Agree that 47" cable is the best.

I love the Addi Turbo Lace circulars, nice sharp points and flexible cables.

Thanks for the inputs. I read a bunch of reviews on Amazon for the Addi Turbo Clicks Interchangeable set and they received rave reviews. I really like sharp points for socks, so maybe the Lace Addis would be good, but some feel that the cables on the lace turbos are not as flexible as on the Turbo Clicks. Just not crazy about spending $165 on the clicks and then find out that I don’t like them.

another way to knit 2 at a time is on 2 circs…

i dont have a long enough cable, so i use 2 circs at once - the front of the socks on one needle, the back on the other… work just like magic loop except you are changing needles instead of moving a loop