Best circular needle kits, dpn kits and magic loop?

I’m looking to get a circular needle kit and not sure which one to go for. I am hoping to learn the magic loop method but only have a cheapy pair of circulars so am struggling at the moment as the cord/cable keeps twisting. Also if there are any good videos for magic loop knitting I’d be really grateful!

There is no ONE best set… a lot of it is personal preference. I like both metal and wood needles so I have two sets… I have Knit Picks Options and Knitter’s Pride Dreamz. I like the flexible cables on both of them and they happen to be interchangeable between sets which is really nice. I use a piece of grippy shelf liner to tighten them and never have them come apart. I did have one Knit Picks needle break between the cable and the join, but they replaced it no questions asked. Been fine ever since.

As for learning… There is a KH video at the link above under advanced techniques. Here’s more -

I thought I’d add something… I tend to prefer longer cables for magic loop. For hats I use a 40". This is personal preference.

Am still humming and ha-ing about sets, am in the middle of doing a hat on my dpns and wondering if it isn’t better to stick with the devil I know and get a set of dpns? Would anyone be able to help me find a set? I prefer wood to metal, and would get more use out of a set between 3 - 5.5mm.

Both Knitter’s Pride and Knit Picks have wood DPN. If you’re happy with them no reason not to use them.

For large projects it would still be handy to know how to ML if you want to make a seamless pullover or something like that.

Problem is that most dpn kits are sock needles and too small - I’m highly unlikely to need 2, 2.5, 3 mm dpns so not work buying the kits,
Theoretically I know how to ML, it’s just when I try and do it it gets all twisted and I can’t figure out which bit I’m supposed to be knitting. Although I’m not sure how much of that is my needle as I’m using a cheap little hobby craft needle.
The problem I have is that in the UK I’m looking at paying £60, which I think is about $75 so it’s a lot of money for a circular set, although I do use circulars anyway.

Sorry, am just musing out loud really.

I had to find a conversion chart… so okay you want needles above a US 4 (3.5mm)? I take it you’re not going to make socks with fingering weight yarn then?

You don’t need to buy sets if you don’t want, but it’s handy to have the sizes you need ahead of time. You can get singles in the size you want in many of these. If it doesn’t say set then most of them go up to size 11 (8mm). I’m pretty sure they ship to UK, but I don’t know about price. Sorry.

Thank you @Jan_in_CA xx

I love my Karnations set.
I also have a wooden set of Debra Norvilles…and according to scuttlebutt they are made by the same group that makes the Knitters Pride woodies…and this the cables work with all of them. Dunno how true that is.

I use circular needles frequently. I only buy the size I need. I am not in favor of the interchangeable points approach.
Addie circular needles are slicker and faster than HiyaHiyas, which are my favorites.

@499lake thank you - I only have 5mm circulars so not sure whether to buy a set or use your approach and buy individually :confused:
@palabradot do you know if they sell to the UK? I have only found US sites for those.

Just so you know… in the end you end up spending much more money buying individually. Of course if you think you’ll never use some of them then maybe that’s best. I’ve been knitting for eleven years and I’ve used them all. Ended up buying another set actually. :joy:

:joy: I’m fairly new still so still collecting needles - I have one set of bamboo straight needles, some cheap wooden straights, some metal straights, a set of crochet hooks and 3 DPNS and one circlular!

:grin: I own one set of straights and only use them for testing for answers in here. I use circs for everything. Well, DPN’s on occasion, but rarely.

I’ve never really used them, I live in a rather rural area so there are no good knitting shops within an hours drive from here, and with my back issues a 2 hour round trip is not really feasible if it can be avoided hence shopping online. It does mean I’m ‘buying blind’ so to speak.

have you tried this site?
let me know if you cannot order from them.
Good luck

I will ask Fibre Space in Old Town Alexndria if they would ship to the UK.
will get back to you this week.

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That must be frustrating. I live in the suburbs and have multiple every kind of store. The LYS is literally about a mile away. I could walk except it would be at night and it’s a round about way to actually walk vs. drive. I shop online a lot though for some things.

@499lake that’s really kind, thank you.

:heart_eyes: I love you!! Have just had a quick nosy at that site!

I have a couple HiyaHiya. They are nice needles. :wink: