Best Cast on for Cotton Wrtd Wgt

I am starting a cotton vest for my husband. I have never knit with cotton before. It is four ply. Which is the best cast on - long tale or cable? First time I have ever posted anything.

The long tail cast on is fairly stretchy which is what you want with cotton since it doesn’t have as much elasticity as other fibers. It works great for me. However, I think the cable cast on is stretchy enough that it would work too. So if you prefer one over the other, I’d use the one you like best.

Either one works. To get the cable CO stretchy, you need to put quite a lot of the right needle between the 2 sts, not just the tip, and not pull up so tight on the yarn.

I was taught do the long tail CO on a thicker needle than the size you will be using for the project, or in fact to use both of the working needles held together in my left hand for the CO. This produces a very stretchy beginning, in fact when you start the pattern, it at first seems TOO loose, but after a few rounds it just isn’t.